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spring 2020
Jennifer Gelardo:
Exhibition as Desired Space

The assumption here is that exhibitions serve to underline the relations between ourselves and our affects, to sublimate them, to abstract the “first nature” (Christoph Menke) and to offer the tools to express individual wishes with a distinct voice.
The publication project is an attempt to understand the phenomenon of exhibition making, with photographic documentation as starting point – what is it that we are doing in exhibitions? With the pretence to examine the established values and roles which constitute an exhibition – not only from a curator through artist to viewer aspect, but including the entire body of production and support – Exhibition as Desired Space wants to unfold the utopian moments of an exhibition space, as a locus for negotiation, exchange and confrontation.

Content and Form: Jennifer Gelardo
Editor: Daniel Mueller-Herz
Photo Editor: Flavio Palasciano
Publisher: Hannahlisa Kunyik

Hannahlisa Kunyik:
Erfahrungs- gegen Produktionsästhetik. Ein Day Off in der Arena ästhetischer Grundsatzfragen.

„It’s virtually about everything – the concept of art, its autonomy, its
historicity, its politics”.
With these words Juliane Rebentisch starts her
fierce conter-argumentation against Sebastian Egenhofer’s harsh review
of Nairy Baghramian’s 2008 exhibition “The Walker’s Day Off” at Kunsthalle Baden-Baden.  And indeed, there is a lot at stake in this paradigmatic infight, to which Kunyik dedicates an equally sharp and witty review in her book Erfahrungs- gegen ProduktionsästhetikEin Day Off in der Arena ästhetischer Grundsatzfragen (2017), in which the author combines historical-theoretical analysis and reflections on contemporary art practices, such as questions about the politics of presence, the role of historical minimalism in contemporary art and the founding conditions of aesthetic experience. 

Content and Form: Hannahlisa Kunyik
Editor: Daniel Mueller-Herz
Prodction Assistant: Marie Fegerl
Open Edition